following this blog will flood your dash with cool random animes.... so please, if your not that really fond of animes..... I'll recomend you to think twice.....

light is always in your life...
you just won't tend to open your eyes that's why you don't see it..

about me eh...

name: AI

age: take a guess...

likes: animes
cute stuffs
cool stuffs
guy stuffs

dislikes: lizards
k-pop fans (only those who are over acting)

scared of: lizards (I'm not afraid of blood,
ghosts, death, frogs,
roaches, snakes or anything

gender: female obviously

self description: non sense.... a bit weird for others..
and unique ( positive of weird) lol....
often called as sunako or sadako,
usually mistaken as an emo...

This blog is so random... but most of this are all anime specially naruto...

animes I've watched

naruto shippuuden
one piece
death note
rozen maiden
digimon series
code geass series
card captor sakura
tsubasa chronicles
princess princess
blue dragon
fate stay night
yamato nadeshiko
alice academy
school days
mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch
ouran high school host club
itazura na kiss
azumanga daiyo
school rumble series
moncolli knight
fushigi yuugi
samurai x
flame of recca
dragon ball series..lol..
magic twins
rey earth
gundam seed series
bey blade..lol..
jigoku shoujo series
aishteru ze baby
lovely complex
d gray man
tales of the abyss
zombie loan
bokura ga ita
fruits basket
romeo x juliet
hana yori dango
blood +
saiunkoku series
honey and clover
ayashi no ceres
sister princess
full moon wo sagashite
vampire knight
ghost hunt
soul eater
dragon ball series..lol..
eureka 7
shakugan no shana
powerpuff girls z
lucky star
shaman king
hunter x hunter
get backers
super gals
midori days
shugo chara
world destruction
hitman reborn
sailor moon ..XD
onegai teacher
onegai twins
fairy musketeers
chrno crusade
bubu chacha
gate keepers
full metal alchemist
full metal panic
yakitate japan
slam dunk
prince of tennis
ufo baby

and many more

(i forgot the others..lol..)

recommended animes (not in order)

1. naruto 10. fate stay night
2. fruits basket 11. guilty crown
3. itazura na kiss 12. hotarubi no mori e
4. chrno crusade 13. kamigami
5. sola 14. hunter x hunter
6. code geass 15. school days
7. school rumble 16. digimon (season 1,2)
8. honey and clover 17. durarara
9. romeo x juliet 18. another

cartoons I enjoy:

phineas and ferb
ben ten
teen titans
shaolin showdown
marcelino pan y vino

...that's all...


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